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Michael Fisher

Vice President, Environment & Resources

Michael Fisher Michael Fisher

Michael Fisher is a nationally recognized expert in environmental and energy policy and regulatory support, with more than 35 years of experience.  Specializing in water discharge policy and regulation, he focuses on the analysis of the impact of environmental regulations on industry structure, business financial performance and value, employment and international competitiveness. 

Mr. Fisher also offers considerable experience in analysis of energy policy, where his work has focused on the social value of energy efficiency and clean/renewable energy as well as relationships among energy consumption, economic activity and greenhouse gas emissions.  In addition, Mr. Fisher offers expertise in analysis of policy for managing exploration and developing energy resources on public lands.

As a Division Vice President, Mr. Fisher works closely with a variety of federal agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Energy and Department of the Interior. This work has included supporting transitioning economies and providing analytical services such as financial modeling, econometric and statistical analysis and cost-benefit analysis.

His industry work has included the electric power industry, petroleum and coal production industries, and energy- and pollution-intensive manufacturing industries. Cost and economic impact analysis of national regulations and individual facility permits to reduce the adverse environmental impact of cooling water intake systems in electric power operations.

Mr. Fisher holds a Master of Philosophy in Economics and M.A., and B.A. degrees in Economics from Yale University.

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  • Economic/financial analysis of environmental and energy policy
  • Econometric/statistical analysis
  • Financial feasibility and financial structuring analysis of energy efficiency and clean/renewable energy investments
  • Probabilistic simulation
  • Regulatory impact and cost-benefit analysis

Selected Publications

  • Davidsdottir, B., and M. Fisher, “The odd couple: The relationship between state economic performance and carbon emissions economic intensity,” Energy Policy, Vol. 39, No. 8, 2011.
  • Davidsdottir, B., and M. Fisher, “Fuel Mix Diversity, Sustainability and Energy Security,” Proceedings of ACEEE summer study on energy efficiency, Summer 2005.
  • Stone, S., J. Creason, M. Fisher, and S. Semenova, A Comparison of the Environmental Impacts of Trade versus Domestic Distortions in the United States, Presented at the 7th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis, Washington DC, 2004.
  • Besedin E., L. Tudor, M. Fisher, S. Smith, and L. Snyder. 1999. What Pollutants Matter for Consumers of Water-Based Recreation? Presented at the annual meeting of Northeastern Agricultural and Resource Economics Association. Morgantown, WV. 1999.
  • Tudor L., Besedin E., M. Fisher, and S. Smith. Economic Analysis of Environmental Regulations: Application of the RUM model to Ecological Benefits Assessment for MP&M Effluent Guideline Limitations. Presented at the annual meeting of American Agricultural Economics Association. Nashville, TN. August 1999.
  • Fisher, M., “Innovative Approaches to Financing Energy Conservation Investments in Developing Countries,” Natural Resources Forum, Vol. 9, No. 2, 1985.
  • Fisher, M., “ECPIE: An Energy Conservation Project Investment Evaluation Model,” Microcomputers for Development – Issues and Policy. Computer and Information Technology Council of Sri Lanka and National Academy of Sciences. Columbo, Sri Lanka. 1985.