The series brings together thought leaders to share forward-looking perspectives in the areas of health, social and environmental policy, and international development.

Road to Paris: What's at Stake and How Do We Pay for It?

Cities and the Role of Finance in Addressing Climate Change

Monday, November 16, 9-12 p.m.
Newseum, Knight Conference Room
555 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Global Climate Change: Strategies for Mitigating and Adapting to a Changing World
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Abt Associates Expands Climate Change Adaptation Capabilities
Adding to Abt Associates’ growing reputation as a leading company in climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies, Dr. Glen Anderson, a climate change and environmental economist with more than 30 years of experience internationally and in the United States, has joined the company.
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U.S. to See Massive Benefits if Action is Taken on Climate Change Globally

A report released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) concludes that hundreds of thousands of lives, billions of dollars, and huge swaths of ecosystems in the U.S. are at risk from man-made climate change.

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Impacts, Vulnerability, and Adaptation
Abt Associates works with stakeholders worldwide to identify climate-related impacts, understand key sources of vulnerability, and prioritize and implement adaptation measures to manage the uncertainty of our future climate.
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