Abt Associates is co-hosting a collaborative event to invigorate a new health research community in Australia and the Pacific Islands region to begin activities to implement the UN sustainable development agenda.

This unconventional workshop – the first in a series – is designed to broker networks and partnerships for research and innovation for health in the region. To achieve a diversity of views, workshop organizers sought funding for travel scholarships to bring Pacific voices, scholars and practitioners to the event to construct research agendas that are Pacific-driven, respond to needs, and create agendas for joint research and action.

The event, entitled the “Pacific Health Governance: Knowledge Translation for SDG Implementation,” will be held from Feb. 15-17. The workshop, which Abt Associates experts will help facilitate, will focus on four themes:

  • Theme 1: Health and Security and the Region: Pandemics, biosecurity, preparedness, International Health Regulations, gender-based violence, trauma and poverty, emergencies and catastrophic events;
  • Theme 2: Health Systems and Universal Health: Workforce, training, mobility and health seeking, urban health, coverage and capacities, health rights;
  • Theme 3: Climate Change and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene: Analyses of fresh water, sanitation, zoonotic disease, One Health, climate change and threats to health, health security, climate change and mobility; and
  • Theme 4: Non-Communicable Disease: Trade and health, food security, access to medicines, cancer, mental health, unhealthy commodities.
Each of the four workshop themes is co-led, pairing Pacific Island researchers and practitioners with Australian experts. The use of a modified talanoa – a method of engagement through the respectful sharing of truths in communal dialogue – during the thematic streams means that there will be many opportunities to hear from those who have travelled from the Pacific island region to share their knowledge and experience.

Mark Power
Gavin MacGregor-Skinner
Who: Mark Power, head of Australian programs and knowledge management, Abt Associates
Dr. Gavin Macgregor-Skinner, senior global health security advisor and principal associate, Abt Associates
Where: The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
When: Feb. 15-17

For more information about the workshop, visit the event page.
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