Wednesday, February 15, 12-1pm ET

For sound governance, a government must actively respond to its citizens’ expectations to deliver services, create regulations, and enact laws and rights across all sectors. In development, we’re increasingly looking at how a country’s government implements laws and rights, which gets to institutional effectiveness. Are government institutions doing their job effectively? Are they meeting their citizens’ needs? In the longer term, how will these actions advance the country’s development goals?

On February 15, Abt and its governance experts hosted a discussion on
 how #SoundGovernance at the institutional-level plays an important role in achieving development goals. Read the recap below.

Meet Abt's experts:
  Tiernan Mennen
Vice President, Governance and Rights
  Michele Laird
Principal Associate, International Economic Growth
  Mikell O'Mealy
Senior Associate, International Economic Growth

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Institutions: Can Development Wait that Long?

Continue the conversation at Abt’s next Bold Thinkers Series event on March 2, which brings together experts to discuss today's critical governance issues, at the Newseum in Washington, D.C.
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