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Criminal Justice

At Abt Associates, we study some of the most difficult public safety and social justice issues facing the nation and offer practical solutions to policymakers, practitioners and funders.  We execute research that informs real-world practices and provide technical assistance to support skill development and practice improvement.  Through data-driven strategies, our work aids service providers, programs, and communities in becoming healthier and safer. 

Key Features of Our Work

Abt Associates offers research expertise and technical assistance in variety of topics related to criminology and criminal justice which includes, but is not limited to, corrections, crime, interpersonal violence, drug use and drug markets, recidivism and reentry, criminal justice data management, and human trafficking.  Our teams:
  • Analyze trends and emerging issues, with particular focus on the above topics;
  • Apply innovative and rigorous methods to evaluate various criminal justice programs;
  • Use advanced and Abt-original data systems designed to maximize clients’ monitoring and information capabilities, and provide corrections reporting and outcome assessments;
  • Develop and support web platforms for disseminating technical assistance information, best practices, resources, and tools to our clients and their stakeholders;
  • Assemble, manage and link large complex criminal justice datasets to advance research in the field; and
  • Provide evidence-based, data-driven training and technical assistance to programs, communities, and agencies within the criminal justice field.

The results of our work help policymakers, practitioners and funders decide the best ways to optimize programs, revitalize communities and respond to many of today’s drug, crime, and corrections issues. Learn more about our work below.


  • Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Corrections
  • Interpersonal Violence
  • Drug Use and Drug Markets
  • Recidivism and Reentry
  • Criminal Justice Data Management
  • Human Trafficking
  • Research & Evaluation Design
  • Process, Outcome, and Program Evaluation
  • Technical Assistance
  • Statistical Modeling and Performance Measurement
  • Instrument and Web-based Systems Development
  • Project Management
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis
  • Data Collection and Management


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