Social Marketing & Behavior Change

The goal of Abt Associates’ Social Marketing and Behavior Change Practice is to improve the quality of life for our constituents. Our multidisciplinary team works across international and domestic programs to ensure people are served in meaningful and lasting ways.

What Do We Do?

  • Use a science-based approach—We start with research and a situation analysis, followed by audience segmentation, objective setting, message and program development, channel and tool selections, a management plan, and monitoring and evaluation.
  • Draw on a whole-system perspective—We combine communication approaches, behavior change theories, and formative research in a methodology that incorporates interpersonal communication, community mobilization, mass media, and policy advocacy.
  • Improve conditions—We aim to improve knowledge, shift attitudes, and facilitate the adoption of policies and practices to improve health, protect the environment, increase agricultural productivity, and improve the economic well-being of low-income populations.

What Distinguishes Us?

Our team of about 30 experts worldwide has successfully applied this methodology in more than 50 projects during the past decade. Examples include:

  • In Mali, we collaborated with farmers and community leaders, resulting in entire villages changing agricultural practices to eliminate a deadly crop disease.
  • In Honduras, we helped ensure condoms were accessible through pharmacies and other outlets, especially for high-risk populations, building the market through social marketing and other strategies.
  • In the United States, we developed a science-based campaign for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration around the message “prevention works, treatment is effective, and people recover.”