Survey & Data Collection

With a nearly 50-year record of excellence, we are known for innovative approaches to random assignment studies and computer-assisted data collection, among other areas. We offer clients two ways to meet their different survey needs:

  • Our survey sampling and methodology team’s internationally respected senior design specialists and versatile data collection unit support a range of projects.
  • Our subsidiary Abt SRBI offers full-service survey capabilities that help decision-makers develop well-informed policies.


What Do We Do?

  • Skilled consultation with clients
  • Project and sample design, including complex designs and weighting
  • Questionnaire development and pretesting
  • Ensure respondent understanding through Cognitive Testing Laboratory
  • Behavioral coding
  • Qualitative research, including focus groups and interviewing
  • Experimental design
  • Extensive in-house multimode data collection with one of the nation’s largest computer-assisted capabilities
  • Cell-phone sampling and frame integration with landlines
  • Tracking and locating difficult-to-reach respondents
  • Medical specimen collection and records abstraction
  • GIS and other digital measurement applications
  • World-wide data collection


What Distinguishes Us?

  • Depth in public health and epidemiology, veterans’ affairs, transportation and urban planning, utilities and energy, banking and finance, consumer goods, customer satisfaction and brand equity, and media research.
  • Solutions for difficult or unusual demands, such as sample designs to locate rare or elusive populations or questionnaires to elicit reliable information on complex or sensitive topics.
  • Innovative, award-winning research that we present at conferences and in leading publications.