12/21/15 - EI Nino impact in PNG Fiji Times

A news story about responding to the effects of El Nino in Papua New Guinea mentioned North Fly Health Services Development Programme (NFHSDP), implemented by Abt JTA. 
12/15/15 - What Quality Measures Are Being Developed in 2016? The Remington Report

A news report discussed an Abt Associates and RTI International forthcoming project for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, which will involve developing potentially preventable Medicare readmission measures. 
12/7/15 - The Next-Generation City: Resilient, Smart and Sustainable Devex

Hari Bansha Dulal, senior associate for climate change at Abt, was quoted in a story about how the concept of smart cities has evolved. 
12/7/15 - Can Development Organizations be Carbon Neutral? Devex

Olga Faktorovich Allen, Sustainability Program Manager at Abt, was quoted in a story about the steps development organizations need to reduce their carbon footprint. Abt, for example, reduced its emissions by 15 percent from 2012 to 2015 and has pledged to reduce emissions by 25 percent by 2021. 
12/7/15 - Cities’ Leadership Role in Climate Change Devex

Joel Smith, an Abt principal associate and expert on climate change, wrote a blog post about how cities such as Portland, Ore., Durban, South Africa, and Mexico City, Mexico have been climate change policy innovators and leaders. 
12/3/15 - Risk of Death Nearly Doubled for Vietnam Veterans with PTSD Reuters

A news story featured a study by Abt Associates that found U.S. veterans of the Vietnam War followed from the 1980s to 2011 were almost twice as likely to die during that period if they had PTSD compared to those without the disorder. 
11/26/15 - Video: Why Climate Action Requires Governments to Embrace Role as Conveners Devex

Mikell O’Mealy, an Abt senior associate working on climate change adaptation, was interviewed about the role of governance in climate change. 
11/25/15 - Up from the Poorhouse: A New Proposal has the Potential to Remake America’s Public-Housing System City Journal

A story about the relationship between public housing rents and work mentioned an Abt report about how public housing authorities have changed their rent rules to encourage self-sufficiency.
11/23/15 - Health Department Celebrates Farmers' Market Program, but Results are Mixed Politico New York

Abt Senior Associate Lauren Olsho was quoted in a story about the impact of Health Bucks, a New York City program that provides $2 vouchers for every $5 spent at Farmers Markets by Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program beneficiaries. 
11/23/15 - Terrorism Worries Are Back; Bernie Sanders Is Up, GOP Is Steady (POLL) ABC News

A poll conducted in part by Abt SRBI finds that terrorism now rivals the economy as the single most important issue for Americans in the 2016 presidential election. 
11/13/15 - Abt Pledges 80-percent Drop in Greenhouse Gas Emissions Maryland Daily Record

A news story focused on Abt’s recent pledge to reduce the company’s greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050 and at least 25 percent by 2021. 
11/2/15 - USDA to Establish First-Ever SNAP Employment Center Kansas Ag Connection

Abt Associates and the Seattle Jobs Initiative (SJI) are partnering to operate the nation’s first Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment and Training (E&T) Center of Excellence. 
10/30/15 - Audacious Solutions for Protecting Against the next Hurricane Sandy CBS News

Joel Smith, an Abt principal associate and expert on climate change, was interviewed about the need to consider future risks for flood mitigation projects.
10/29/15 - Why Do So Many Ex-Cons End Up Back in Prison? Slate

A story highlighted Abt research that found the vast majority of people who go to prison do not re-offend, contrary to popular belief.
10/23/15 - 2015 top 100 women-led businesses in Massachusetts Boston Globe

The Boston Globe Magazine and the Commonwealth Institute ranked Abt Associates the 47th women-led business in Massachusetts, based on its number of full-time employees, workplace and management diversity, and innovative projects, among other criteria. 
10/23/15 - In Chelsea, a Great Wealth Divide The New York Times

An article about the wealth divide in Chelsea cited an Abt Associates study for the New York City Housing Authority that examined the effects of gentrification on public housing residents.
10/21/15 - Donald Trump Leads in Expectations, Shows Strength on Attributes (POLL) ABC News

A poll conducted in part by Abt SRBI found that more than 40 percent of Republican-leaning voters say Donald Trump has the best chance to be the Republication party’s candidate for president and to win the general election for president.
10/13/15 - 3 mHealth Projects You Should Know About Devex

A web story mentioned a 2014 report on the use of mHealth in West Africa by the Strengthening Health Outcomes through the Private Sector (SHOPS) project, led by Abt.
10/6/15 - Is U.S. Infrastructure Ready for Climate Change? CBS News

Joel Smith, an Abt principal associate and expert on climate change, was interviewed about the deteriorating state of U.S. infrastructure and the threat posed to it by climate change.
10/5/15 - Global Health Forum to Shine Light on Innovation mHealthNews

Pam Riley, Abt Senior mHealth Advisor, was interviewed for a preview story about the mHealth Summit 2015, a gathering near Washington, D.C. about how technology is improving health and health care. 
9/25/15 - NGOs Welcome Govt's Move to Introduce Injectable Contraceptive The Times of India

Abt is part of a coalition that has offered to provide technical support to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to introduce injectable contraceptive in the government's family planning program. The coalition would address issues of quality of care in delivery, and consistency in supplies of the injectables.
9/23/15 - Number of Homeless Families Rising in Franklin County, Report Says Columbus Dispatch

Tom Albanese, a senior associate with Abt, was quoted in a news story about the dramatic increase in family homelessness in Franklin County, Ohio. Abt investigated reasons behind this increase and has been advising the local homeless system lead, the Community Shelter Board, about strategies to reduce family homelessness.
9/22/15 - Social Entrepreneurs Offer New Thinking on Old Challenges in Early Childhood Huffington Post

Abt’s Todd Grindal coauthored an op-ed about how social entrepreneurs – who are focused on social change and not profits – are driving programs and research in early childhood development.
9/21/15 - Federal Contractors Worry That a Government Shutdown Would Be a ‘Nightmare’ Washington Post

Lisa Ashcraft, vice president of contract operations for Abt was quoted in a news story about the disruptions that would be caused by a shutdown of the federal government.
9/21/15 - Buying Sex Lands Some Ohio Johns in School Cincinnati Enquirer

A news story about an educational program to curb solicitation of prostitutes in Cincinnati mentioned Abt studies that found more than 800 jurisdictions in 2008 were using an anti-demand tactic to curb prostitution and that 58 schools for ‘johns’ existed in 2008 – another anti-demand tactic.
9/18/15 - Saint Mary’s Hospital Pursues Baby-Friendly USA Designation Grand Rapids Business Journal

A news story focused on local efforts to improve maternity practices with the help of the EMPower Breastfeeding: Enhancing Maternity Practices initiative, which is led by Abt Associates.
9/14/15 - Clinton's Support Drops by a Third as Trump, Carson Surge in GOP Race ABC News

A poll conducted in part by Abt SRBI found that 33 percent of Republicans and GOP-leaning independents now favor Donald Trump for the nomination, with 20 percent for Ben Carson. Meanwhile, Clinton is supported by 42 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents who are registered to vote, down from 63 percent in July. 
9/10/15 - Harvard Business School Alumni Survey on U.S. Competitiveness: U.S. Economy’s Failure to Generate Shared Prosperity a Concern for Business My Social Good News

An Abt SRBI survey found that Harvard Business School alumni are concerned America’s prosperity from competing internationally will not be shared broadly among Americans. The survey was conducted as part of the business school’s U.S. Competitiveness Project.
9/3/15 - Lean Right Back In: The Maternity Leave Debate Washington Post

A business blog, as part of a short discussion about Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, mentioned an Abt analysis of Dept. of Labor data that found one in four women return to work within two weeks of giving birth.
9/2/15 - San Pedro’s Homeless Problem Might Have Slow, Costly Fix Los Angeles Daily News

Abt homelessness experts Alvaro Cortes and Brooke Elizabeth Spellman were interviewed for a lengthy story about solutions for homelessness in the San Pedro community of Los Angeles. 
9/1/15 - Yahoo CEO’s Marissa Mayer’s Pregnancy Sparks Debate About Maternity Leave: Is Two Weeks Really Enough? International Business Times

An analysis by Abt Associates, mentioned in a news story, found that one of four women returned to work two weeks or less after giving birth. 
8/28/15 - Abt Climate Change Expert Interviewed on South African TV News Program SABC News

Abt Associates’ Joel B. Smith, who has been analyzing climate change impact and adaptation for more than two decades, spoke with SABC News in Pretoria, South Africa about balancing economic growth with environmental stewardship, among other issues related to climate change.
8/24/15 - CONRAD to receive USAID funding for Project EMOTION EurekAlert!

Abt Associates is one of the implementing partners for Project EMOTION, a PEPFAR/USAID effort to increase demand, use, and adherence of HIV prevention products for high-risk women in Africa. 
8/24/15 - Response to ‘The Payoff of Pay-for-Success’ Stanford Social Innovation Review

Abt Associates’ Christopher Spera, Division Vice President for U.S. Health, and Abt's Jeffrey Lubell, Principal Associate and Director of Housing Initiatives, co-wrote a response to an article about the difficulty of evaluating Pay for Success, a movement to leverage private resources to meet public needs.
8/20/15 - PTSD is Bad for Your Health Veterans of Foreign Wars Magazine (pages 30-33)

A magazine feature focused on an Abt Associates study which found that Vietnam Veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) were twice as likely to die as counterparts without PTSD. 
8/20/15 - Shifting Hospice Reimbursement – Moving in Direction of Aligning Payment with Resource Concentration National Law Review

A news article mentioned an Abt study which found that the intensity services received during hospice stays is highest during the first seven days. The analysis excluded the last seven days of a stay.
8/20/15 - Report: 1 In 4 Mothers Go Back To Work Less Than 2 Weeks After Giving Birth CBS Washington

An Abt Associates survey of 2,852 workers who took leave in 2012 found that 23 percent of women returned to work within two weeks of having a baby. 
8/18/15 - The Real War on Families: Why the U.S. Needs Paid Leave Now In These Times

A news story mentioned an Abt Associates analysis for the Department of Labor that found about 23 percent of women went back at work within two weeks of having a child.
8/18/15 - Ceremony Marks Completion of Five-Year Family Planning Program Jordan Times

A news story highlighted an end-of-project ceremony for the Strengthening Health Outcomes through the Private Sector Activity (SHOPS) programme in Jordan. SHOPS is led by Abt Associates and funded by USAID.
8/17/15 - Homeless Shelters? There's a Better Way National Journal

A news story focused on the Family Options Study – a three-year study by Abt for HUD – which found that permanent housing subsidies have benefits beyond preventing homelessness. 
8/10/15 - A Little More Skills for a Healthier Nation The Daily Times (Malawi)

The Abt-led Support for Service Delivery Integration-Systems (SSDI-Systems) Project in Malawi was featured in a news story about its leadership training program for nurses.
8/5/15 - The Fight for Fair Housing Texas Observer

Jill Khadduri, Abt principal associate and senior fellow, was quoted in a lengthy story about the influence of neighborhoods on families.
7/31/15 - Fighting Homelessness KCUR-FM (Kansas City)

Michelle Wood, a principle associate at Abt, was a guest on a radio show discussing the Family Options study, which found giving permanent housing vouchers was the most effective way to end homelessness.
7/31/15 - New Study Details Impact of Foreclosures on Communities HousingWire

A news article discussed a study conducted by Hannah Thomas, senior analyst at Abt, which found mortgage servicers and real estate agents tend to favor investor-buyers, who are better positioned to absorb the risk of a foreclosure sale.
7/24/15 - Why the Prison Population Is Graying Wall Street Journal

A blog post mentioned an Abt Associates’ analysis of prison population in 17 states, which found population aging alone doesn’t account for the increase in the number of inmates aged 50 years and older. 
7/24/15 - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about How Washington Post Polling Works The Washington Post

In a discussion about ensuring polling accuracy, Scott Clement, a member of the Washington Post poling team, mentions Abt SRBI as one of the firms they use to conduct effective polls.
7/23/15 - Vietnam War Vets Still Plagued by PTSD MedPage Today

A news article discussed a longitudinal study by Abt Associates that found 10.8 percent – approximately 271,000 of male Vietnam War theater veterans – still experience clinical and subthreshold war-zero PTSD.
7/23/15 - Many Vietnam Veterans Still Struggle With PTSD CBS News

A report on CBS News featured a study conducted by Abt Associates which found approximately 271,000 Vietnam theater veterans have current full PTSD plus subthreshold war-zone PTSD, now more than 40 years after the war. 
7/20/15 - A Tisket, a Tasket ... No LPNs in the RN Basket McKnight's

A news article mentioned an Abt Associates’ study that found a positive correlation between nurse staffing and nursing home quality of care. 
7/15/15 - Want To End Homelessness? Provide More Housing Vouchers The Hill

Jill Khadduri, principal associate at Abt, co-wrote a blog post discussing a study by Abt Associates and Vanderbilt University that found permanent housing vouchers as the most effective way to end homelessness.
7/14/15 - The Best Way to Solve Homelessness Is Giving People Permanent Housing, Major Study Finds Fusion

A news article discussed a multi-year, multi-family study – conducted by Abt Associates and Vanderbilt University – which found that giving permanent housing vouchers was the best way to end homelessness.
7/11/15 - The Best Way to End Homelessness The Atlantic

A news story discussed a landmark study – conducted by Abt Associates and Vanderbilt University for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) – which found Housing Choice Vouchers as the most effective way of combating homelessness as well as reducing health problems and food insecurity. 
7/9/15 - For Homeless Families, Quick Exit from Shelters Is Only a Temporary Fix NPR

A news story mentioned research for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) by Abt Associates which found that housing vouchers also provided spillover benefits such as reducing food insecurity and psychological distress.
7/5/15 - California Advocates Still Pushing To Unionize Child Care Providers The Sacramento Bee

A news article referenced an Abt Associates study that found Illinois’ state subsidy for child care increased by an average of $26 a month per child. 
7/2/15 - Integrating NCDs into Post-2015 Agenda: A Shared-Value Approach to Addressing Non-Communicable Diseases in Africa Next Billion

In a discussion of leveraging private and public sector partnerships to solve health challenges, Healthy Heart Africa, an AztraZeneca program for which Abt Associates is an evaluation partner, was mentioned as using a holistic approach to activate existing health facilities in Kenya to reduce hypertension. 
6/30/15 - Legislature's Budget Committee Agrees To $100 Million Borrowing Package Maine Sun Journal

A news article mentioned an Abt Associates’ report that found a shortage of nearly 9,000 affordable rental homes for low-income older people in Maine. This shortfall is expected grow to more than 15,000 by 2022 unless action is taken.
6/26/15 - EHR Predictive Analytics Flag 32% of Nursing Home Patient Falls Health IT Analytics

A news story discussed research by Abt Associates staff that found using electronic health records with the CMS Minimum Data set improved a formula to identify patients at high risk for falls in nursing homes.
6/26/15 - If It’s Payday, Check Your Mobile Phone USAID News

An article highlighted a system of mobile payments used by the Uganda Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) Phase II project, led by Abt Associates. 
6/25/15 - HIV/AIDS: Edo Working To Mitigate Impact – SSG The Nigerian Observer

The Health Finance and Governance (HFG) project, a USAID-funded and Abt-led project convened a two-day interactive meeting in Benin City, Nigeria to discuss how the project is mitigating the impact of HIV and AIDS in the region. 
6/24/15 - How to Monitor Prescription Drugs Behavioral Healthcare Magazine

A news story mentioned Abt Associates’ analysis of 146.1 million opioid prescription records, which identified a small group of people that purchased 2 percent of all such prescriptions and 4 percent of the total amount of opioid drugs. 
6/21/15 - Ethiopia: Community-Based Health Insurance - Killing Two Birds with a Stone AllAfrica

A news story referenced a 2012 Abt report that found a 45.5 percent uptake for the Ethiopian Community Based Health Insurance, a pilot program which has experienced significant success with community adoption and engagement.  
6/20/15 - What’s the Matter with Polling? The New York Times

In a discussion of election polling and low response rate, Mark Schulman, a co-founder and research chief at Abt SRBI, estimates that interviewing costs in 2016 will be more than twice what they were in 2008. 
6/18/15 - Paycheck to Paycheck: How the Poor Struggle to Climb Out of Cash-Flow Crises Deseret News

A news story mentioned a 2010 Abt study that found low-income families who received coaching, job placement, training, and financial support were three to four times as likely as others to achieve a major financial outcome such as paying down debt or creating savings. 
6/11/15 - Grant Empowers SMC to Aid Mothers and Babies WYFF-TV (Spartanburg)

A news story focused on the first hospital to receive a Baby Friendly USA designation from the EMPower Breastfeeding Initiative, led by Abt Associates.
6/5/15 - Nipped in the Bud The Economist

A news story mentioned an Abt Associates report that found New York City saves $1.06 in shelter expenses for every dollar it spends on a Homebase, a program to prevent homelessness.
6/4/15 - Baltimore Jail Complex Again Faces Lawsuit Over Health Care Baltimore Sun

Liza Solomon, principal associate and HIV policy and research expert at Abt, was quoted in a news story about admissions to and average stay at jails around the country. 
6/3/15 - Support Dwindles For Changing Proposition 13 Los Angeles Times

Californians are less supportive of a sales and income tax ballot initiative championed by Gov. Jerry Brown, according to a poll conducted in part by Abt SRBI. 
6/2/15 - Paving the Way Out of Poverty: Health Microinsurance Can Keep a Medical Emergency from Becoming a Financial Tragedy Next Billion

A blog post mentioned Abt’s work on “developing and implementing lasting solutions to improve health systems globally” and “mobilizing domestic resources for health and financial risk protection mechanisms.” 
6/2/15 - Abt Associates Nabs $12M USAID Support Contract Washington Technology

A news story reports that Abt Associates won a $12 million USAID contract to increase agricultural production, build rural markets and improve public and private capacity in South Sudan as part of improving food security in the country. 
5/21/15 - Some Veterans Live Longer in Prison: What We Don’t Know is Why and How London School of Economics blog

Jeremy Luallen, associate at Abt, wrote a blog post discussing his research findings that veterans admitted at younger ages have an increased chance of dying in prison, while those who are admitted over the age of 40 have a lower probability.
5/19/15 - Arizonans Agree: It's Getting Warmer Arizona Daily Star

A survey conducted in part by Abt SRBI for the University of Arizona Institute of the Environment and Stanford University found that approximately three-quarters of Arizonans say global temperatures are warming, human action is responsible – at least in part – for the warming trend and state and federal governments should be setting limits on greenhouse gases.
5/19/15 - The Well-Intentioned but Misguided Advice of Neil deGrasse Tyson: Why Allocating More Time for Readi Huffington Post

Todd Grindal, Associate for Social and Economic Policy at Abt Associates, co-wrote an op-ed saying that dyslexics such as himself succeeded academically in part by finding new ways of gathering information, not by spending more time reading.
5/13/15 - Tanzania: Programme to Rid Africa of Hypertension Gains Momentum AllAfrica

Healthy Heart Africa, an AztraZeneca program for which Abt Associates is the evaluation partner, was mentioned as showing promising early results in combating hypertension. 
5/13/15 - Budget Review Draws Calls for Defining Australian Aid vs Development Cooperation ABC Radio Australia

Jacqui de Lacy, general manager for global strategy at Abt JTA, was interviewed about the direction of Australian foreign aid. 
5/13/15 - HBO Show Cites Abt Report on Family Medical Leave Act Last Week Tonight

A report by Abt Associates on the Family Medical Leave Act was featured on a Last Week Tonight with John Oliver segment on Mother’s Day. The report, released in 2013, found that leave has had little negative impact in most workplaces. 
5/11/15 - Expanded Hospice Improved Care but Raised Medicare Costs Science 2.0

A blog post discussed a study by researchers and Brown University and Abt Associates that found while hospice reduced aggressive end-of-life care, its use was associated with a net increase of $6,761 in Medicare expenses per patient in their last year of life. 
5/6/15 - Why Income Inequality is No Silver Bullet for Democrats and Hillary Clinton Washington Post

A news story mentioned a 2011 Time/Abt SRBI poll which found that most Americans want to ensure that “everyone in America has the opportunity to reach the highest echelon of income and wealth even if not everyone makes it," while 34 percent of Americans said it's "more important to reduce inequality in income and wealth levels in America.”
4/29/15 - Incentive Program Encourages Use of Farmers’ Markets San Francisco Chronicle

People given incentives to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables from farmers’ markets in low-income New York City neighborhoods were more likely to visit these markets and buy food, according to a study by Abt Associates published in the journal Public Health Nutrition. However, the evidence was mixed regarding the program’s ability to encourage participants to eat more fruits and vegetables – one of the initiative’s main goals.
4/27/15 - NCDs Threatening Health Insurance: Innovations, Partnerships Offer Ways to Mitigate the Impact Next Billion

Jeanna Holtz, Abt principal associate for International Health, wrote a blog post about the challenge of developing health microinsurance for people with non-communicable diseases.
4/24/15 - Care to Share: When Success in the Fight against Malaria Depends on Sharing How You Got There USAID Learning Lab

Laura McCarty, senior communications manager for Abt, wrote a blog post about the importance of sharing our successes with our colleagues. 
4/14/15 - AIRS to Fight against Malaria in Ghana Ghana Broadcasting Service

A news outlet noted the launch of a malaria indoor residual spraying campaign by the Abt Associates-led PMI AIRS project in Ghana.
4/2/15 - POLL: Clinton's Popularity Declines — But Still Beats Her GOP Rivals ABC News Radio

Forty-nine percent of Americans expressed a favorable opinion of Clinton recently, down from 67 percent two years ago. Nearly as many people, 46 percent, see her unfavorably now, according to a poll conducted in part by Abt SRBI.
3/30/15 - Americans' View on Iran Talks? Let's Make a Deal ABC30 (Fresno, Calif.)

Americans favor by a 2-1 margin an agreement with Iran over its nuclear development program, even while broadly questioning whether a deal would, in fact, prevent Tehran from producing nuclear weapons, according to a poll conducted in part by Abt SRBI.
3/23/15 - Private Health Sector: the Census is a Success (in French) Notre Voix

The Strengthening Health Outcomes through the Private Sector (SHOPS) project, led by Abt Associates, was mentioned in a news story for a SHOPS’ survey of the private health sector in Benin.
3/20/15 - Work of Bahia Diabetes Center is Recognized in Other Countries (In Spanish) BN Saúde

A photo and caption highlighted HealthRise, a five-year  partnership between Medtronic Philanthropy, Abt Associates, and the Institute for Health Metrics to reduce cardiovascular disease and diabetes in selected underserved communities in India, the U.S., South Africa, and Brazil.
3/16/15 - Relieving the Burden: The Role of Microinsurance in Financing HIV Care Next Billion

In a blog post about people living with HIV and AIDS, the SHOPS project, led by Abt Associates, was mentioned for its research about HIV services and coverage decisions in Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Malawi, and Namibia.
3/13/15 - Silent Killer Gaining Momentum in Africa: Partnership Designed to Address Hypertension, Cardiovascular Disease Head-on Next Billion

The Healthy Heart Africa program, evaluated by Abt Associates, was mentioned in a blog post about the challenge of hypertension in Africa.
3/4/15 - Where’s Biogen Idec Been Spreading Its STEM Support to Lately? Inside Philanthropy

A news story mentioned a study to be conducted by Abt Associates that will examine if Biogen STEM employee apprenticeships actually boost student interest in math and science.
3/4/15 - Abt to Continue Work with AHRQ to Improve Health Outcomes and Best Practices Baltimore CityBizList

Abt Associates was recently awarded an indefinite delivery indefinite quantity (IDIQ) task order contract with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) to translate research findings into health best practices and meaningful health outcomes.
3/2/15 - Bad Weather Keeps Criminals off the Street and Out of Trouble New Hampshire Union Leader

A news story highlighted the research of Matthew Ranson, an Abt economist and Associate, which found that warmer weather correlated with higher crime, except for manslaughter. Likewise, crime declined during colder weather.
2/27/15 - People with Disabilities Experience Unrecognized Health Disparities, New Research Shows Medical Xpress

Deborah Klein Walker, Vice President for U.S. Health at Abt Associates, co-authored an article for the American Journal of Public Health that found that people with disabilities have unmet medical needs and poorer overall health throughout their lives compared with the non-disabled.
2/24/15 - Four Decades Later: Vietnam Veterans and PTSD The VVA Veteran

In a blog post, William Schlenger, Ph.D., Principal Associate at Abt, and Nida Corry, Ph.D., Associate at Abt, explain findings of research on Vietnam Veterans spanning decades. Their most recent research found that Vietnam veterans with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD ) have nearly twice the death rate of their counterparts without PTSD.
2/23/15 - Does the Cold Stop Crime? It Seems So NBC News

Matthew Ranson, Abt economist and Associate, was quoted in a news story about the correlation between cold weather and declining crime rates.
2/23/15 - Seven Strategies for Making U.S. Housing More Affordable UrbanLand

Jeffrey Lubell, Director of Housing and Community Initiatives for Abt, was quoted in an article about a report on increasing affordable housing that he wrote for the Bipartisan Policy Center.
1/30/15 - Short-Term Funds With Long-Term Impact Shelterforce

Korrin L. Bishop, an Abt analyst in Social and Economic Policy, wrote in a blog post that federal Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 funds have greatly advanced efforts to reduce homelessness in Lane County, Oregon, the location of Eugene. But continued federal funding would have an even larger impact.
1/29/15 - U.S. Prisons Grapple With Aging Population Wall Street Journal (login required)

Abt economist Jeremy Luallen and statistician Ryan Kling were cited in a news story for their research on the aging prison population, which found that rising admission age is the primary force driving the increase in the elderly group.
1/27/15 - Biogen Idec Foundation Commits $1.5 Million to Citizen Schools Boston Business Journal

Abt Associates will evaluate student interest in STEM curriculum at Citizen Schools, which received a $1.5 million grant to support this and other efforts.
1/23/15 - Compliance and Ethics at Abt Associates Compliance and Ethics Professional

Bonnie Bass, Abt senior subcontracts manager, and Jeanine Hubler, senior finance and contracts manager, were interviewed about how Abt’s ethics and compliance programs work across the company’s broad portfolio. Both Bass and Hubler work on the Health Finance and Governance Project.
1/23/15 - What Happens When a Man Who Buys Sex Learns About Sex Trafficking Huffington Post

Michael Shively, Abt senior associate, said in an interview that efforts to curb illegal activities such as prostitution should address supply, distribution, and demand.
1/21/15 - What is Obama's Development Legacy? Devex

Anne-Marie Slaughter, President and CEO of New America and Abt Associates board member, said during an interview that the “elevation of development” in foreign policy has been a signature achievement of the Obama administration.
1/19/15 - An Improving Economy Gives Obama His Game Back ABC News Radio

A poll conducted in part by Abt SRBI found that 50 percent of Americans approve of President Obama’s job performance, while 44 percent disapprove.
1/12/15 - For Public-Private Partnerships to Succeed, Get Beyond the Definitions Devex

In an op-ed, Jay L. Knott, Abt Associates Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer, named three principles to guide development of public-private partnerships.
1/10/15 - Poll: Most Ga. Voters Back Legalizing Medical Marijuana AP

Eighty-four percent of registered voters in Georgia agreed the state’s General Assembly should legalize marijuana-based medication, according to a telephone poll conducted by Abt SRBI.
1/7/15 - Head Start Children Show Vocabulary Boosts When Compared to Home Care Education Week

A blog post discussed findings of a journal article co-written by Todd Grindal, Associate at Abt. The research found that the pre-academic effects of Head Start on children were apparent early, but largely faded by the end of first grade.
1/7/15 - Where Partnerships are Taking Global Development Devex

A feature story quoted Caroline Quijada, deputy director of the Strengthening Health Outcomes through the Private Sector program, led by Abt Associates. Quijada said organizations must be careful not to design public-private, civil society, and other partnerships just for the sake of doing so.
1/4/15 - At the End of Afghanistan War, Most Doubt its Value ABC News

A poll conducted in part by Abt SRBI found that fewer than four in 10 Americans say the war in Afghanistan was worth fighting.