5/9/18 - This Jobs Program Just Might Get People Back to Work Stateline

The Pew Charitable Trusts’ Stateline spoke to Abt’s Jacob Klerman about his work analyzing Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment programs in multiple states on behalf of the Labor Department.
4/23/18 - Health Voucher Cards Give Mothers Hope NBS Television

Abt’s work on the USAID-funded Voucher Plus Activity—which provides high quality reproductive, maternal and neonatal health services—was featured on Uganda’s NBS Television.
4/11/18 - Unlocking an Energy Revolution? The Fintech Times

Alastair Marke, Abt's Head of Blockchain Innovations (Climate Change),  was quoted in a story on the energy efficiency of blockchain processing.
4/10/18 - PNG Hopes To Be Global Leader in Blockchain The World News

Abt’s role in bringing blockchain to Papua New Guinea is mentioned in this article on the county’s efforts to develop an integrated financial and identification system using the new technology.
4/2/18 - Autism Speaks Special Report Creates a Fuller Picture of Autism's Diversity The Street

Just in time for the start of World Autism Month, dozens of news outlets—including The Street—are talking about Abt’s research for Autism Speaks on the public’s perception of autism.
4/2/18 - Op-ed: Virginia Forges Ahead on Climate, Clean Energy Alt Daily

In an op-ed on Virginia’s carbon emission program, Alt Daily cited Abt’s recent study of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, which we determined has generated an estimated $5.7 billion in public health benefits.
4/1/18 - What a Summer Nutrition Benefit Program Could Mean for Clinicians and Their Patients Pediatrics

An editorial in Pediatrics describes new Abt research as “a welcome addition to the literature because it is one of the few trials in which the effect of a public assistance program on children’s food security and nutrition is evaluated.”
3/22/18 - Jane Thomason Honored as One of the Top 10 Digital Frontier Women Houston Chronicle

More than 80 news outlets—including the Houston Chronicle—are reporting on Abt’s Jane Thomason’s recognition by Decade of Women for her efforts to promote Blockchain as a tool for social impact.
3/13/18 - The Power To Change the World RewardExpert

This travel site interviewed Jane Thomason, CEO of Abt Australia, about Abt’s Blockchain for Good initiative.
3/12/18 - Home Health Experts Suggest Improvements to New Payment Model Home Health Care News

A panel of technical experts convened by Abt will help the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services shape a prospective payment system for home-based health care. 
3/8/18 - Can Blockchain Disrupt Gender Inequality? World Bank Private Sector Development blog

Abt’s Blockchain partnership in Papua New Guinea was mentioned in a blog about emerging technology and gender.
3/7/18 - National Study Shows Impact of VIDA (VIDEO) KGBT-TV (Rio Grande Valley, Texas)

Abt Principal Associate Karen Gardiner was mentioned in a story about the Pathways for Advancing Careers and Education (PACE) evaluation.
2/25/18 - A Champion for Women in Blockchain Cryptonews

Abt Australia CEO Jane Thomason was featured in a story about the relative lack of women serving leadership roles in the blockchain technology movement.
2/24/18 - A Blockchain Lesson from Papua New Guinea Cryptonews

A news story discussed Abt’s partnership with the Central Bank of Papua New Guinea to roll out new identity-establishing technology.
2/15/18 - Mara to Spend Sh5.4bn on Malaria The Citizen (Tanzania)

A news story mentioned Abt in relation in to malaria reduction work we are doing through the PMI Vectorlink project in Tanzania.
2/12/18 - DC Pushes Adult Learning in Specialized Schools Community College Week

A feature story about adult education quoted Abt’s Julie Strawn, who said measuring the success of such programs must account for the level of education and skills the person had at the program’s beginning.
2/8/18 - Judge Orders Houston Strip Club Shut Down for Alleged Prostitution, Employment of Minors Houston Chronicle

Abt’s Michael Shively discussed a 2013 City of Houston legal settlement that relaxed regulations on strip clubs in exchange for payments to a fund to fight human trafficking.
2/1/18 - Funders’ Efforts To Prevent Substance Use Disorders Health Affairs

Health Affairs recently discussed Abt’s evaluation of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation’s Substance Use Prevention Strategic Initiative.
1/30/18 - Ex-Judge Can Be Reimbursed for Prostitution ‘John School’ Courthouse News

A news story mentioned Abt’s Michael Shively, a researcher who focuses on human trafficking, including efforts to reduce demand for prostitution.
1/30/18 - How Blockchain Can Help Build Better Public Services Tahawul Tech

Jane Thomason, CEO of Abt Australia, was quoted about how blockchain could dramatically improve government services and communications with constituents.
1/28/18 - No Messing With Mosquitoes – Research Unit Bent on Finding Ways to Reduce the Pesky Population The Gleaner (Jamaica)

Abt’s Dr. Marcia Mundle – who leads the Mosquito Control and Research Unit at University of the West Indies – was featured in a story about her work combating disease-carrying mosquitoes.
1/27/18 - Blockchain-Based Grid Technology to be Used by U.S. Energy Department (Blockchain Government Use Cases) Smartereum

A blog post quoted Jane Thomason, CEO of Abt Australia, about the potential use of blockchain to improve government to citizen communications.
1/24/18 - Blockchain News: Bitcoin Technology Could Transform Elections and Eliminate Need for MPs The Express (U.K.)

A news story featured Abt Australia CEO Jane Thomason in a discussion of the potential use of digital ID technology to make voting much less expensive.
1/23/18 - Blockchain Association Launched to Support Adoption across Public, Private and Third Sectors FutureScot

A news story focused on the creation of the British Blockchain Association, of which Abt Associates is a member.
1/22/18 - Wealthy, Urban & Jain: Data Reveals Who is Undergoing the Most Caesareans in India The Print

A news story quoted Rashmi Kukreja, Abt technical specialist in India, about the lack of access to care in rural India.
1/19/18 - 8 Ways to Reduce Your Exposure to Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals AltnerNet

A feature story mentioned a study by Abt Associates that estimated children's exposures to arsenic in infant rice cereal and other rice-based foods accounts for an estimated loss of up to 9.2 million IQ points among U.S. children ages 0-6.
1/19/18 - Children May Suffer Worst Effects of Housing Crunch Governing Magazine

Claudia Solari, an associate at Abt, was quoted in a story about the impact of overcrowded homes on children.
1/14/18 - London Blockchain Week Announces Dreamteam, IBM, BTCC, IOTA Foundation, and Gibraltar Stock Exchange as Event Headliners Irish Tech Times

A preview story about London Blockchain Week mentioned Abt Associates as a sponsor of the event. 
1/5/18 - Kibret Abebe Sold His House to Help Save Lives CNN Africa

A video profiles a private ambulance service that received funding and technical assistance from the Abt-led SHOPS Project via the HANSHEP Health Enterprise Fund.
1/1/18 - How the Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands Economies Compare Post-Maria Pasquines

A news story mentioned an Abt report that concluded at least 60 percent Puerto Rico’s GDP is associated with the ocean and/or tourism.