Innovative, Evidence-Based Approaches to Empower Youth
About CEADIR: Climate Economic Analysis for Development, Investment, and Resilience
Abt Associates' Corporate Capabilities
Abt Associates in Malawi
Addiction Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery: Supporting Comprehensive Strategies and Integrated Services
AgResults Impact Evaluation Project
Air Quality: Improving Our Environment. Protecting Our Health
AirCounts: Reducing Air Pollution for Healthier Living
An Effective Partnership for Health Systems Strengthening: The PATHS2 Legacy in Northern Nigeria
Anatomy of a Health Care Transformation: USAID’s 20-Year Legacy of Health Systems Strengthening in Central Asia
Annual Review 2011
Annual Review 2012
Annual Review 2013
Annual Review 2014
Annual Review 2015
Annual Review 2016
Bold Delivers Research on Family Planning and Reproductive Health
Bold Delivers Research on Maternal, Newborn and Child Health
Bold Delivers: Research on Health Systems Strengthening
Bold Delivers: Research on Infectious Diseases
Chronic Disease: Creating Solutions to Prevent and Treat Chronic Diseases
Climate Change Project Map
Climate Change: Strategies for Mitigating and Adapting to a Changing World
Data Analytics: Adding Value and Expanding Capacity Through Rigorous, Innovative Data Analysis
Disability and Rehabilitation Studies: Working to Improve Lives
Drugs, Crime and Justice: Evaluating Linkages and Developing Models to End Demand
Economics of Climate Change in Central and West Asia—Mitigation Component
Education: Rigorous research. Advanced methodologies. Improved educational outcomes.
eHealth & Technology
Environment & Resources: Solving Environmental Challenges in a Complex World
Environmental Health: Improving Our Environment. Protecting Our Health
Evaluation for Development: Abt Associates’ Expertise in Practice
Experimental Evaluations: Assessing Policy and Program Impacts
Fighting Malaria with High-Impact Interventions
Focus On Family Planning and Reproductive Health
Food Assistance Programs and Nutrition Research and Evaluation: Supporting Strategies for Improved Food Security
Gender Equality and Female Empowerment
Health Benefits Analysis: Improving Our Environment. Protecting Our Health.
Health Disparities: Improving the Health of Underserved Populations
Health Information Technology
Health Program Evaluation and Policy Analysis
Health System Strengthening: Improving Service Delivery and Health Outcomes
Health Systems Strengthening and Enhanced Surveillance to Prevent or Minimize Disease Outbreaks
HealthRise: Improving Care For Chronic Diseases
Housing and Communities: Delivering Solutions to Ensure Vulnerable Americans have a Place to Call Home
Improving Family Planning/Reproductive Health Services
Improving Health Finance and Governance Expands Access to Life-Saving Care
Improving Health Financing to Advance Towards Universal Health Coverage
Improving the Delivery of Health Services Worldwide
Influenza: Evaluating Vaccine Effectiveness and Monitoring Flu Immunizations for Improved Prevention Efforts
Innovations in Digital Health Communications
Integrated Climate Change Adaptation, Land Use and Watershed Management Plan for the Grijalva-Usumacinta River Basin
International Food Security & Agriculture: For Healthy People and Economies
International Health Sector Governance: Improving Health Governance to Strengthen Health Systems
International Health: Tackling the World's Most Pressing Health Challenges
Maternal and Child Health: Expanding Access and Improving Outcomes
Maternal, Newborn & Child Health & Child Survival
Meeting and Public Hearing Support: Comprehensive Support for Meetings of all Types and Sizes
Mental Health: Fostering Workable Solutions in Prevention, Treatment, and Policy
Mexico Economic Policy Program (MEPP)
Monitoring, Evaluation, and Applied Research in International Health
Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration Services
Non-Communicable Diseases: Strengthening Health Systems to Manage a Growing Burden
On the Front Lines Against Zika
Partnering with the Private Sector to Improve Public Health Outcomes
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Leveraging Research to Improve PTSD Prevention and Treatment Services
Programs Driving Progress in Health Policy Research
Public Comment and Response Support
Qualitative Research in HIV
Regulatory and Economic Analysis: Informing Policy Decisions to Protect Human Health and the Environment
Responding to the HIV Epidemic in the U.S.
Responding to the HIV/AIDS Epidemic around the World
Risk and Resilience: Increasing the Resilience of Households and Communities
Santé internationale: Avoir un impact durable sur la santé
SHOPS: Strengthening Health Outcomes through the Private Sector
Social and Behavior Change Communication: Achieving Sustainable Health Impact
Social Marketing and Health Communications: Cutting-Edge, Field-Tested and Award-Winning Strategies
SPI-Path: Social Policy Impact Pathfinder
Strengthening Health Systems to Combat Tuberculosis
Supporting Strategies to Improve Skills, Employment, and Earnings
The GxAlert Initiative
The Next Generation Response: A Compendium of Abt Associates' Work in HIV and AIDS Worldwide
The PMI Africa Indoor Residual Spraying Project
U.S. Health: Engaging Science and Imagination
Workforce, Income and Food Security: Working to improve the financial and social well-being of America's children, families and workers.
Working on Behalf of Veterans, Military Communities, and Their Families
Youth Development