12/16/15 - Abt Associates Names Mario Bazan VP for Client Technology Center
12/3/15 - New Post-War Study Finds Vietnam Vets with PTSD More Likely to Die than Vets Without
11/19/15 - New Report: One-Night Estimates of Homelessness Continue to Decline
11/12/15 - Abt Associates Pledges to Reduce its Greenhouse Gas Emissions by More than 80 Percent
11/3/15 - Abt Associates Launches Center for International Evaluation
10/30/15 - Abt to Lead Study to Better Understand Needs of America’s Seasonal and Migrant Farmworkers and their Families
10/27/15 - Abt Associates CEO Named among Top 100 Women-Led Businesses in Massachusetts
10/21/15 - Abt to Evaluate Impacts, Costs and Benefits of Program Designed to Help Low-Income Individuals Train for Careers in Health Care
10/19/15 - Study: U.S. Pollution Prevention Efforts Averted up to 14 Billion Pounds of Toxic Chemical Releases
10/15/15 - New Comprehensive Prevention and Treatment Program Aims to Dramatically Reduce Malaria in Zimbabwe
10/5/15 - New Global Project Aims to Expand the Private Sector’s Ability to Deliver Health Services in Developing Countries
10/1/15 - Abt Associates Expands Climate Change Adaptation Capabilities
9/29/15 - New Report: Pre-K Program and Subsidized Center-based Child Care Show Benefits for Low-Income Latino Children
9/18/15 - Half of all Pregnant Women Received Flu Vaccine According to New Survey
9/2/15 - Sampling Expert Joins Abt SRBI, Deepens Expertise in Critical Area of Survey Research
8/26/15 - Baby Boomers Behind Bars: The Graying of America’s Prisons
8/21/15 - Mapping and Planning Project to Help Resolve Land Disputes in Indonesia
8/20/15 - Hospitals Named to New Baby-Friendly Maternity Care Improvement Program
8/18/15 - Abt to Provide Technology Support Behind Social Security Administration’s Work Incentive Planning and Assistance Program
8/17/15 - New Paper Illustrates Impact of Mortgage Servicers on U.S. Home Foreclosure Sales
8/6/15 - Abt Associates to Expand Public Sector Systems Strengthening Work in Tanzania
8/3/15 - Abt JTA Opens New Office in Canberra
7/29/15 - Selena Ramkeesoon Joins Abt Associates as Vice President for Strategic Communications
7/23/15 - Innovative North Carolina Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program Focuses on Men
7/7/15 - Offering Vouchers to Families Experiencing Homelessness Has Benefits That Extend Beyond Housing, Study Finds
7/6/15 - Abt Associates Names New Vice Presidents
7/1/15 - New Report Exposes Gap Between Self-Reported Drug Use and Actual Drug Use
6/30/15 - Abt Associates Appoints Marvin Chambers as New VP of Human Resources
6/25/15 - Improving Health Care in Nigeria, Measuring Costs of U.S. Housing Program among Efforts Recognized by Abt Associates
6/15/15 - Study: Home-based Child Care Worker Unionization Leads to Better Regulated, Less Available Subsidized Care
6/2/15 - Project Continues Work Improving Agricultural Markets, Food Security in South Sudan
5/19/15 - Abt Associates to Evaluate Clean Energy and Climate Plan for Massachusetts
5/4/15 - Abt Associates Expands Work Evaluating New Agricultural Development Model
4/29/15 - Incentive Program Encourages Use of Farmers’ Markets
4/2/15 - Abt Associates to Help EPA Support Drinking Water Quality Standards
3/2/15 - Abt to Continue Work with AHRQ to Improve Health Outcomes and Best Practices
2/19/15 - Dr. Justin Baer to Lead Abt Associates’ Education Practice
2/17/15 - Abt to Lead Team in Fight Against Childhood Obesity in Los Angeles
2/11/15 - Stratus Consulting Merges with Abt Associates
2/3/15 - International Development Expert Joins Abt Associates
1/30/15 - Expert on Maternal and Child Health Joins Abt Associates