12/9/16 - New Special Issue Provides Tools to Open Evaluation’s ‘Black Box’
12/8/16 - National Data from One-Night Census Show Declines in Homelessness across America
12/8/16 - How Can Sea Turtles Teach Us to Collaborate?
11/28/16 - HUD Secretary Comments on Study’s Role in Establishing Evidence on Ways to Reduce Homelessness
11/17/16 - Surgeon General’s Report on Alcohol, Drugs, and Health: A Vision for the Future
11/16/16 - Lessons from 17 U.S. Communities on Reducing Climate Change Risks
11/16/16 - PATHS2: Transforming the Nigerian Health System
11/3/16 - Do Effective Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs Continue to Work?
11/3/16 - Slideshow: HealthRise Brazil Program Launched to Address Non-Communicable Diseases
11/3/16 - Q&A: How is HealthRise Filling the Gaps in Chronic Disease Care?
11/3/16 - New Report on Homelessness in America Finds Continued Overall Decline
11/1/16 - Evaluating International Programs: Answering the Toughest Questions
10/25/16 - Malawi SSDI Systems: Improving Health Care through Better Financing, Supervision, and Technology
9/15/16 - Open Government Program Helping to Prevent Corruption in Mexico
9/9/16 - Senegal: How Did the HSS Project Help Expand Access to Health Services?
9/7/16 - Veteran Homelessness Cut in Half
8/11/16 - PMI AIRS Bottle Recycling Cited as Model by USAID
8/11/16 - Taking the Temperature: What’s the Link Between Climate Change and Health?
8/5/16 - Ethiopia: A Multi-Faceted Approach to Expanding Access to Quality Health Care
8/3/16 - Abt SRBI Named Among Top Research Firms
7/21/16 - New Tools Released to Raise Awareness on Climate Change and Health
7/19/16 - Abt Continues Scientific Support Services to National Prevention Task Force
7/18/16 - With Success of COP21, Now What?
7/15/16 - Research Brief: Adolescent Well-Being After Experiencing Family Homelessness
7/14/16 - Studying the Barriers to HIV Care and Improving Services
7/5/16 - Raucher Recognized for Advancements in Water Research
6/28/16 - Improving Health Care in Jordan, Helping Families Facing Homelessness among Efforts Recognized by Abt Associates
6/22/16 - New Work in Asia Pacific to Focus on Governance, Women’s Empowerment
6/16/16 - Abt Staff Co-authors Chapters on Gambia in Climate Change Adaptation Book
6/10/16 - Universal Health Coverage: Protecting the Most Vulnerable
5/26/16 - Images of Healthy Schoolkids in Fiji, Malaria Fighters in Zambia Win 2016 Abt Photo Contest
5/18/16 - Fighting Hunger When School is Out: New Evidence from the Summer Electronic Benefits Transfer for Children
5/16/16 - Videos: Speaking Out About Family Planning, Gender Roles in Jordan
5/12/16 - World Hypertension Day 2016: Women around the World Take on Hypertension
5/12/16 - What Works in Social Innovation Funding? New Reports Provide Insights
5/10/16 - Videos: Helping Farmers Grow in South Sudan
5/10/16 - Abt Researchers Contribute to Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Damage Assessment and Restoration Plan
5/4/16 - How Can the U.S. Help Workers Get on Paths to Good Jobs?
5/3/16 - Cutting the Red Tape: Report Explores New Strategies for Improving Land Development Review and Approval
4/29/16 - Abt Recognized with EcoLeadership Award
4/26/16 - What do We Know about Career Pathways, and How Can We Fill in Key Knowledge Gaps?
4/22/16 - World Malaria Day 2016: Research That Drives Results
4/20/16 - Earth Day 2016 at Abt Associates: Global Research and Action
4/20/16 - Walter R. Stellwagen, Abt’s Second President, Dies at 86
4/19/16 - Research Brief: Are Homeless Families Connected to the Social Safety Net?
4/15/16 - Researchers Recognized by AERA for Advancing Social Science Research Methods
4/6/16 - World Health Day 2016: Listening to Patients to 'Beat Diabetes'
4/5/16 - Groundbreaking Assessment Provides Insight on the Potential Impact of Climate Change on U.S. Health
3/31/16 - Do Students with Disabilities Benefit from Inclusive Education?
3/22/16 - Research Informs New CDC Opioid Prescription Guidelines
3/17/16 - Study: Are Electronics Recycling Standards Making A Difference?
3/16/16 - Improving Health through Integration
3/7/16 - Nigeria: Working to Improve Health, Governance, and Food Security
3/2/16 - New Briefs and Tools Capture Range of Hispanic Experiences in Early Care and Education
2/29/16 - Mobilizing Against Zika
2/19/16 - Abt SRBI Helps Predict New Hampshire Primary Results
2/18/16 - Fostering a Culture of Women’s Empowerment in Senegal
2/16/16 - Guatemala Health System Assessment to Inform Discussion on Reform
2/11/16 - Rethinking U.S. Food Policy: Forum Highlights Evidence, Policy Options
2/4/16 - Expanding the HIV and TB Responses in South Africa
2/3/16 - PMI AIRS Partners with IVCC and UNITAID to Combat Malaria with New Insecticides
1/13/16 - Women’s Committee in PNG Tackles Gender Equality, Domestic Violence
1/13/16 - PMI AIRS Mali Wins Innovation Challenge Grand Prize
1/6/16 - Direct Health Financing Yields Results in Senegal
1/3/16 - Mobile Phone Game Educates Indonesians on Administering Village Law