12/19/17 - Better Technology Helps Tanzanian Government Plan for and Deliver Services
12/7/17 - Report: Arsenic in Infant Rice Cereal Linked to Billions of Dollars in Health Impacts
11/30/17 - Journal Articles Summarize the Best Evidence and Policies to Prevent Family Homelessness
11/30/17 - World AIDS Day 2017: Building Public-Private Alliances to Control the HIV Epidemic
11/22/17 - How Can We Scale Up Renewables? Next-generation PV Cells May Be an Option
10/30/17 - Learning from Success and Failure: Education Evaluations Examine Programs to Improve Student Outcomes
10/27/17 - Cities Hold Keys to Economic Mobility for Residents, New Book Explains
10/26/17 - Senegal: Strengthening a Health System to Provide Access to All
10/26/17 - What Does Financial Well-Being Look Like in America? Report Offers New Insights
9/28/17 - How Can HUD Help Housing Assistance Recipients Gain Financial Independence? Abt Housing Expert Testifies in Congress about Promising Program Results
9/25/17 - Abt Associates Makes Top 20 List for Global Research Firms
9/14/17 - Home Visits Help Cure 1,700 TB Patients in the Kyrgyz Republic
9/12/17 - Reducing Malaria in Uganda through Spraying, Singing, and Dancing
8/24/17 - Abt Associates Mourns Passing of Dr. François P. Diop
8/15/17 - Blockchain: Bringing Financial Services to the Unbanked in Papua New Guinea
8/11/17 - Videos Show Abt’s Health Systems Impact Globally
8/9/17 - Racing Against Time: The CDC’s Campaign to Prevent Zika Transmission
8/7/17 - Improving Tanzania’s Health System, Governance, and Nutrition
8/1/17 - Gamification of Governance: Turning a Routine Survey into an Interactive Online Game
7/31/17 - Using Rapid Evaluation to Reduce Family Separation in Cambodia
7/19/17 - Video: Different Countries, Similar Challenges on Addressing NCDs
7/17/17 - U.S. Ambassador Highlights Progress on Malaria in Uganda
7/14/17 - Photo Contest Winners Capture the Impact of Abt’s Work in Papua New Guinea and Ethiopia
7/7/17 - Abt Employees Lauded for Work on Aflatoxins, PTSD, and Smartphone App in Indonesia
7/6/17 - Research for the Real-World: New Book Highlights Realities and Lessons from Public Policy Research
6/27/17 - Abt Housing Expert Honored by National Coalition for Homeless Veterans
6/15/17 - Stopping Zika Before It Starts
6/13/17 - Supreme Court Declines to Hear Appeal of Trucking Rule Researched by Abt Associates
6/12/17 - Abt Associates Ranked Among Top 10 Research Firms
5/15/17 - Abt Leader Part of Distinguished Group Invited to Speak at OECD Seminar on Data Quality
5/9/17 - Bringing Transparency and Consistency to Health Sector Decentralization in the DRC
4/28/17 - Evaluations: Money Motivates Private Sector to Adopt Best Practices - if Used Appropriately
4/25/17 - Helping Citizens and Journalists in Mexico Use Data to Fight Corruption
4/22/17 - Putting Opioid Prescribing Guideline Recommendations into Practice
4/18/17 - Malaria Day 2017: Details Matter When Hunting Mosquitoes
4/18/17 - Evaluation of Health Care Innovation Awards Finds Standout Program
4/17/17 - Getting More Clean Power to Southeast Asian Electric Grids
4/17/17 - Abt Survey Methodologist Elected to AAPOR Executive Board
3/29/17 - Zambia: Better Health through Better Systems
3/22/17 - Tuberculosis Day 2017: Leaving No One Behind
2/23/17 - Need Help with Village Administration in Indonesia? There’s an App for That
2/9/17 - Uganda: Improving Health and Strengthening Systems
2/6/17 - Forecasting Home Health Needs without Incentivizing Unnecessary Care
1/27/17 - Abt Associates Joins Alliance to Support Global Health Security Agenda
1/26/17 - How Can We Measure and Improve Public Services?
1/17/17 - Latest eGRID U.S. Power Plant Emissions Data Provides Scientific Basis for Carbon Footprinting, Other Research
1/5/17 - Conducting and Applying International Research and Evaluation
1/4/17 - The Next Generation: Engaging and Empowering Youth Worldwide