Methods Centers

Abt’s Methods Centers are committed to developing solutions to society’s most pressing challenges.
The Methods Centers bring together methodological talent from across practices, countries, and disciplines, crafting novel approaches for proposals and projects and cultivating skills through seminars, reading groups, and brainstorming sessions. Centers disseminate their findings and innovations through conference presentations, publication in journals, and leadership in professional societies.

Capacity Building

Abt Associates’ Capacity Building Methods Center captures, documents, and develops best practices, tools, and resources to make the capacity development work Abt does more effective and impactful in all our projects worldwide.

Data Management & Analytic Computing

The Data Management & Analytic Computing Methods Center at Abt Associates works to strengthen and expand staff expertise in managing and analyzing data, which increases the effectiveness of our project work around the world.

Evaluation and Monitoring Methods

The Evaluation and Monitoring Methods Center reinforces and improves the quality of evaluation work at Abt Associates to achieve positive impact in our efforts throughout the world.

Policy Analysis

The Policy Analysis Methods Center develops programming that employs the highest methodological standards for Abt Associates' analyses work.

Qualitative Methods

The Qualitative Methods Center helps to ensure the rigor, validity and replicability of Abt Associates research using qualitative data – any type of non-numeric, open-ended information, such as written text, photographs, audio recording, observations, videos, and interviews.

Risk and Resilience

The Risk and Resilience Methods Center provides a new lens to identify and expand common Abt Associates' strategies to address using resilience to address global problems, such as household poverty, natural disasters, and health behaviors.

Social Equity and Empowerment

The Social Equity & Empowerment Methods Center provides a framework for Abt Associates’ projects to advance equality, social justice, and human rights by promoting inclusive and responsive approaches that address the needs of population groups that are traditionally vulnerable or marginalized.

Social Marketing & Behavior Change

The Social Marketing and Behavior Change Methods Center develops sophisticated communication and marketing strategies Abt Associates staff applies to achieve positive social change throughout the world.

Survey Research

The Survey Research and Methods Center is Abt Associates’ team of experts in the fields of statistics and survey methodology. They create survey designs to exacting standards, to ensure Abt’s work is as effective and impactful as possible.