Black Boxes, the Counterfactual, and Bringing Order to RCTs

Laura Peck
Principal Scientist, Social & Economic Policy and Director, Research & Evaluation Expertise Center

Allan Porowski
Principal Associate, Social & Economic Policy
Abt Associates evaluation experts are engaged in discussions to advance the leading edge of evaluation methods. The American Evaluation Association (AEA) blog AEA365 is one forum to which we have contributed. AEA365 is dedicated to highlighting “hot tips, cool tricks, rad resources, and lessons learned for evaluators.”

Recently, Laura Peck and Allan Porowski of Abt shared a few insights, or “hot tips” on AEA365 as part of the blog’s Design & Analysis of Experiments Topical Interest Group Week. Both Peck and Porowski are principal associates for Social and Economic Policy at Abt.

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