The Future Of Medicaid: When Improving Upon The Wheel, Start With Something Round

As states and the federal government jointly design Medicaid's future, let's include what we know works - and eliminate what does not.

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Want to Have an Impact on Housing Policy? Go Local!

Twenty-five years ago, in a law school class on Local Government Law, Professor Gerald Frug asked my classmates and me to select which adjectives best described “federal” and “local” government. In every case, we matched the positive attributes to the federal government and the negative ones to local government. The federal government treated everyone fairly, while local government was often biased.  The federal government was an honest broker, while local government was often corrupt. The federal government emphasized universal values, while local government focused on parochial interests. 

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A "Menu" of Policies to Improve Diets

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and nutrition assistance programs more broadly are intended to eliminate hunger and improve diet. What's the strongest evidence for improving the diets of SNAP participants?

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When Is Randomization Right for Evaluation?

I advocate using randomized experiments because they provide a high level of confidence in the results. But they aren't always possible or appropriate. So what criteria should researchers use to decide when to use them?

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