Abt Associates Supports the Achievement of the Global Goals

Working with Abt means engaging every day with those who are dedicated to improving the well-being of people worldwide in an array of areas including health, climate change, food security and education. And, being part of Abt's activities leading up to and including the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals last month added a new level of inspiration for me to continue the type of work we do.

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World Heart Day: Raising Awareness about the World’s No. 1 Killer

September 29 marks World Heart Day - a day that the global health community should take to heart. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death worldwide. More than 17.3 million people died due to heart disease in 2013, the latest data available. What's worse, the number of CVD deaths is increasing, especially in underdeveloped regions of Sub-Saharan Africa. Over eighty percent of CVD deaths occur in low-and middle income countries, and heart disease and stroke are among the top three causes of years of life lost due to premature orality globally.

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Categories: Chronic Disease

Why Randomize? A Primer on Experimental Evaluations

Although Abt engages in a wide variety of research and evaluation activities, what is central to my work in particular are evaluations that use an experimental design. This blog post explains what experiments are and why we do them.

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Welcome to Perspectives

Welcome to Perspectives, a new forum for Abt Associates staff to engage in meaningful conversations - with you - in their areas of expertise.

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