Impacts, Vulnerability, and Adaptation

Adaptation Planning and Implementation

We must adapt to climate variability and change to sustain economic growth and protect human health, infrastructure, and the natural environment. Adaptation enhances the ability to cope with, respond to, and/or manage climate impacts. Adaptation may include measures such as developing new design standards, strengthening early warning systems, changing farming practices, purchasing insurance, protecting mangroves, or relocating infrastructure.

Abt Associates helps local, regional, and national entities identify, evaluate, prioritize, and implement adaptation measures that manage climate risk and enhance resilience. Our approach focuses on developing tailored adaptation solutions that are mainstreamed into existing policies, processes, systems, or designs and using adaptive management practices to promote flexible decision-making and smart investment decisions in an uncertain future.

Our interdisciplinary team of policy analysts, engineers, hydrologists, ecologists, health professionals, and planners work together to develop cohesive adaptation plans that address the root causes of vulnerability and support local priorities. As a team we are able to combine quantifiable and qualitative information to design a portfolio of adaptation measures that together effectively meet current and future development needs.

Our services include:
  • Identifying and designing locally-appropriate adaptation measures including public and private measures; anticipatory and reactive measures; and the full range of policy, technological, operational, capacity building, and hard and soft infrastructure measures;
  • Assessing the social, economic, and environmental costs and benefits of adaptation measures to strengthen support for collaborative, strategic action;
  • Creating and using analytical and stakeholder-driven criteria and methodologies to evaluate and prioritize adaptation measures;
  • Developing evidence-based adaptation/resilience strategies, portfolios, and plans aligned with local needs, opportunities, and capabilities;
  • Improving access, use, and quality of climate services to support effective forecasts and  adaptation decision-support tools;
  • Supporting implementation, financing, monitoring, and evaluation of adaptation solutions; and
  • Strengthening regional, national, and sectoral decision-making processes for adaptive management through capacity building and training.

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