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Successful communication is a multi-step process. Abt Associates' communications work for environment, resources, and climate change clients takes into account the client’s goal, the audience’s motivators and incentives, suitable types of materials and delivery mechanisms, and an evaluation plan that includes baseline measurement.
Abt helps its clients determine which outreach components will be most effective. These may include:
  • Traditional and database-driven websites;
  • Wikis and blogs;
  • Social media outreach;
  • Web analytics analysis;
  • Educational and training videos;
  • Workshops and public meetings;
  • Press releases, logos, marketing materials, and media kits;
  • Posters and conference displays, and
  • Printed reports, brochures, and fact sheets.
All outreach materials are appropriate for the audience, clear and concise, and also Section 508 compliant. To evaluate outreach implementation, we develop both quantitative and qualitative measures based on the project goals.
For the past decade, Abt has supported the design, delivery, and evaluation of hundreds of training programs for the public, regulated entities, and regulatory agency staff. Our training is to-the-point, focuses on core objectives relevant to audience needs, and enables participants to share experiences and not just absorb data.
Abt delivers trainings in person as well as via platforms such as wikis, blogs, audio and video podcasts, and web broadcasts. Once training goals are established, Abt develops appropriate course content by drawing on the experience of technical staff, including those with expertise in instructional design. To gauge the effectiveness of training, we use tools such as in-class assessments and post-class follow-up surveys, which are critical feedback for quantifying and improving the value of training efforts.
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Communications and Outreach

  • EPA Green Chemistry booth and outreach support for the “Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards”
  • EPA Design for the Environment marketing and social media outreach support
  • EPA Office of Water “Environmental Justice” conference display
  • EPA ADP TRACKER user guides for employee training program

Web-based Communication

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