Environment & Natural Resources

Ecological Restoration

Human activities worldwide have damaged and degraded the Earth’s ecosystems upon which human wellbeing depends. These activities may be intentional, such as wetland filling, or unintentional, such as an oil spill.

Abt Associates Restoration Planning Support

  • Conceptual site model development
  • Strategic project-level and program-level restoration planning
  • Restoration project identification, evaluation, and selection
  • Preparation of restoration documents, including restoration plans, monitoring plans, quality assurance project plans, and field and laboratory sampling and analysis plans.
  • Literature review and synthesis
  • Quantification of ecological benefits of restoration projects
  • National Environmental Policy Act analysis and environmental compliance
  • Monitoring, evaluation, and adaptive management
  • Communication and outreach
  • Socioeconomic analyses
  • Ecosystem service valuation
  • Climate change analysis
The practice of ecological restoration seeks to repair ecosystems, typically with the goal of enhancing the ecosystem services provided by that system. Whatever the context in which it takes place, effective restoration planning nearly always requires a suite of diverse skills to address the range of technical, environmental, economic, and social issues that accompany the design and implementation of restoration projects.
Abt Associates works in partnership with government agencies, non-profits, and foundations to help plan, implement, and monitor ecological restoration projects and programs that best meet organizational goals.
Abt’s restoration work is data-driven and highly tailored to our clients' needs, drawing on our multidisciplinary skills in fields including
  • Restoration ecology;
  • Wildlife conservation;
  • Ecosystem ecology;
  • Climate change impacts,
  • Adaptation and mitigation;
  • Contaminant fate and transport modeling;
  • Surface and groundwater hydrologic modeling;
  • Spatial analysis (GIS);
  • Natural resource valuation;
  • Stakeholder elicitation and consultation;
  • Monitoring and evaluation; and
  • Adaptive management.
Abt staff are working on some of the most important ecological restoration efforts in the U.S. today, including strategic planning for Deepwater Horizon-funded restoration in the Gulf of Mexico. Abt also is leading an evaluation of the effectiveness of coastal resilience restoration projects implemented after Hurricane Sandy.
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