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A key component in the development of protective and cost-effective policy, at the local, state, or federal level, is a rigorous assessment of the environmental and economic costs and benefits associated with proposed regulation. To support our clients in the development of cost-effective and meaningful environmental policies, Abt Associates provides a wide spectrum of environmental assessment technical services.

Our services include strategic conceptualization, literature reviews and other baseline data collection, development of alternatives and options, ecological, engineering, and hydrological modeling (including model development), valuation of costs and benefits, and regulatory process support. Our work is geographically diverse and interdisciplinary, incorporating both the environmental and social implications of proposed regulations.

Among other environmental assessment work, the Abt Associates team of ecologists, economists, and engineers is currently applying our high-level expertise in support of:

  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) development of an integrated ecological-economic model to estimate the economic impact of changes in ecological services provided by marine ecosystems under various ocean acidification and climate change scenarios;
  • Development of Florida’s nutrient criteria, describing the adverse impacts of eutrophication and estimating benefits associated with more stringent water quality standards;
  • Water quality monitoring at U.S. coastal and Great Lakes beaches;
  • Army Corps of Engineers Institute for Water Resources’ review of eight ecosystem output models used in ecosystem restoration activities in the Upper Mississippi;
  • EPA Region 9’s Programmatic Environmental Impact Review for proposed changes in California wetland laws, and;
  • Estimating the environmental impact and benefits associated with EPA’s proposed national rulemaking to reduce stormwater discharges.
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