Agriculture and Food Security

Agriculture and Food Security Policy

Abt Associates connects policy to action in agriculture by bringing government and farming stakeholders together to analyze, influence, and overcome challenges in the enabling environment — typically through organizational development, analysis, and advocacy.
Abt leverages in-house analytical capabilities to assess complex problems, determine impact, and recommend course improvements. We bring our longstanding experience in livestock and agriculture, industry and commodity analysis, and value chain development to collaborations with pivotal public and private organizations in developing policy environments favoring growth and investment.


WEST AFRICA: How can public-private dialogues generate coalitions for change?


While managing USAID’s Agribusiness and Trade Promotion (ATP) project, Abt partnered with the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to organize a three-day conference in Accra, Ghana. In January 2013, Food Across Borders assembled over 200 government ministers, private firms, industry representatives, and donor organizations. They examined five barriers to agricultural trade in West Africa—road harassment, export restrictions, rules of origin, clarity of sanitary/phyto-sanitary veterinary regulations, and taxation—and incorporated solutions into the Accra Agenda. This agenda became the foundational document for the five-year, $5.6 million Food Across Borders Program (ProFAB), launched in May 2015 with many of the same entities who played principal roles at the conference. Funded by USAID, the program observatory is housed within ECOWAS and West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA), both of which will incorporate ProFAB results and outcomes into their regional policy efforts. Through this coalition, forged at the conference, ProFAB will create and incorporate regional policies and strategies to alleviate West Africa’s trade barriers, while expanding access to reliable cross-border trade data and regulatory requirements. 
CLIENT: USAID / PROJECTAgribusiness and Trade Promotion (ATP) project