Global Health Security

Avian Influenza & Emerging Infectious Diseases

The most effective way to control avian influenza (AI) and mitigate its effects on human health and livelihoods is early detection. A good surveillance system allows suspect cases to be identified early before an outbreak spreads.
Abt Associates helps countries prepare for and respond to avian influenza and other emerging infectious diseases.

Our expert staff helps governments and civil society to design and strengthen epidemiological surveillance systems, practice improved animal husbandry and livestock management to improve biosecurity and biosafety, strengthen supply chains, reform environmental policy to reduce risk of disease transmission, and use behavior change communication to encourage safer personal hygiene practices that reduce the risk of infectious disease transmission. These targeted skills and expertise enhance our clients’ abilities to strengthen their infectious disease surveillance and response systems.
Abt's integrated approach includes:
  • Integrating program management to address both animal and human infections;
  • Engaging the public and private sectors, as well as communities, for more complete participation;
  • Improving infection control and case management in the formal sectors; and
  • Implementing behavior change communication to introduce and establish safer farming and personal hygiene practices.
Event: Global Health Security Threats – Are We Prepared?
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