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Vector Control: Malaria and Zika

Mosquitoes are the deadliest animals in the world. The diseases they carry kill more than 700,000 people each year, including more than 400,000 from malaria alone.

Abt Associates is taking action to reduce the human toll of these diseases. Our projects are working to prevent their spread – in particular malaria and Zika.

In Africa, Abt is addressing malaria by leading indoor residual spraying (IRS) projects in 12 countries and conducting entomological monitoring and surveillance in five more. In Latin American and the Caribbean, Abt is tackling the Zika virus through a range of interventions, including two pilot IRS projects in Guatemala and the Dominican Republic.

In the U.S., an Abt team created and carried out a Zika awareness campaign for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention leveraging social media, app adds, and text messaging. The campaign reached 26 million people, including 7 million likely pregnant women.

We also employ a wide range of other interventions to prevent the spread of malaria and Zika, such as:
This work ensures that once we reduce mosquito populations, their numbers stay low and people stay healthy.

Read more about Abt’s work in malaria and Zika.

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