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Governance is the process through which state and non-state actors interact to negotiate, design, and implement policies, within a set of formal and informal rules that shape and are shaped by power. 
Abt Associates supports participatory governance processes that empower citizens and promote accountability and transparency across sectors. Our impact is felt in responsive and inclusive institutions, equitable access to public services, improved mobilization and management of financial resources, and enhanced enabling environments for economic growth and opportunity.

What is the Abt Approach?

In designing and implementing governance programs, Abt Associates goes beyond traditional development approaches. At all levels of society, we seek to understand the wider institutional environment and range of incentives that influence national policies and how systems operate and deliver services. Whatever the context, we think and work politically to reflect local circumstances and empower change agents to have the maximum chance of success. Sustainable development means promoting sustainable institutions.
Abt integrates real-time, high-quality contextual analysis to identify locally defined problems and the best-fitting solutions. We then invest deeply in local staff and relationships, networks, and partnerships to develop program approaches and solutions that are not only technically sound, but also politically feasible.
Our continually refined, adaptive, and responsive programming approach recognizes that individuals and groups drive change. This allows us to focus on enabling and equipping leaders, coalitions, and reform-minded groups to lead change.
PMaP 6: Abt Refines Approach to Participatory Mapping for Land Governance in Indonesia
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Institutions: Can Development Wait That Long?
Speakers and panelists at the sixth Bold Thinkers Series event addressed key questions in governance, such as “Tackling Corruption: What Will It Take?” and “Thinking and Working Politically: How is it Different?”
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Voices of Governance

Hear from Abt's experts on the current and future state of governance.
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