Decentralization and Local Governance

KOMPAK is helping Indonesia’s central government decentralize its power and give more authority to local jurisdictions.
Abt Associates offers considerable expertise in the political, administrative, and economic processes of decentralization. We are working with developing countries to achieve their goals of shift power and authority to lower levels of government.
We also have a strong track record in strengthening the capacity and responsiveness of local governments, facilitating partnerships between local government and non-state actors to deliver services and make states more accountable to the needs of their citizens.
As Indonesia decentralizes virtually every function of government, it is striving to ensure that village leaders have the capacity to manage front-line services, budgets, and spending. Through the KOMPAK project, Abt is working with more than 650 local government representatives from 215 districts to discuss policy planning. Among our innovations: 2,100 people from 22 provinces used a mobile web-based simulation game to pinpoint where governance training is falling short. We are assisting with the rollout of a mobile app to help village officials carry out their expanded responsibilities.
In the five-year, USAID-funded Tanzania AIDSTAR2 (Wajibika) project, Abt supported improved governance by strengthening programmatic and fiscal accountability in local councils. The project bolstered support for decentralized health sector management, resulting in a more efficient use of resources, improved programmatic and fiscal accountability at the council level, and the implementation of performance-based financing.