Practice Areas

Workforce, Income, and Food Security

Throughout its 50-year history, Abt has conducted high-profile studies that have shaped U.S. programs and policies to help disadvantaged children, youth, families, and workers improve their economic and social well-being. Our work has found the most promising social programs for evaluation, bringing them up to scale when needed. We’ve also worked collaboratively with practitioners and policymakers to ensure that results are relevant to the field.
Our research areas include cash-assistance programs, workforce development and career pathways strategies, food security programs, and programs designed to support children, youth, and families, particularly those considered at-risk. We carry out rigorous random assignment evaluations, other rigorous evaluation designs, in-depth implementation studies, multi-site studies, nationally representative surveys, and cost-benefit analyses.
Abt’s leadership in family support and child and youth development began in the early 1970s with the landmark National Day Care Study. Our expertise in evaluating the nation’s food security and nutrition assistance programs and our groundbreaking research on workforce development and welfare policy are regularly cited in research literature. Our leadership in these areas continues today in our rigorous research of social programs designed to serve vulnerable populations.
Today’s policy challenges require sophisticated responses to address the complex information and research needs of our clients. We face these challenges by understanding the issues, policies, and programs; using cutting-edge tools to gather and analyze high-quality data; and using our experience and innovative thinking to ensure our clients have vital information about the impact and implementation of social programs and policies.

Abt’s research expertise includes:

  • Advanced statistical and econometric methods
  • Cost-benefit analyses
  • Experimental and quasi-experimental studies
  • Implementation and evaluation of nationwide demonstration programs
  • In-depth implementation studies
    • Service delivery effectiveness
    • Process improvement
    • Organizational capacity development
    • Partnership formation and efficacy
  • Large-scale, multi-site studies
  • Survey design and sampling
  • Technical assistance in design and implementation of evaluations

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