Workforce, Income, and Food Security

Family Support & Child/Youth Development

young mother and son

Abt’s work on family support and child/youth development began in the early 1970s with the landmark National Day Care Study. This work has continued and expanded to encompass research on policies and programs designed to enhance family support and promote healthy child and youth development more broadly.

For federal, state, local and foundation clients, and drawing on the most rigorous multidisciplinary methods, Abt has designed and conducted research and/or evaluation on:

  • The links between structural and programmatic features of the day-care environment, the behavior of care givers and children, and children's cognitive development.
  • The demand for child care, the choices made by families, and the factors preventing access to developmentally appropriate child care.
  • Indicators of classroom quality in early childhood education and day-care programs across the country.
  • The implementation, impact, and cost-effectiveness of both early childhood and two-generation programs.
  • The impacts of programs designed to sustain the effects of early childhood interventions into kindergarten and the first years of school.
  • The effectiveness of school-to-work programs on outcomes for youth.
  • The implementation of abstinence-only and comprehensive sex education programs for youth.
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