International Health

Global Health Security

Global health security (GHS) involves developing the infrastructure and capacity to protect the health of people and societies worldwide and to ensure health system resilience. It focuses on developing and implementing multi-sectoral solutions for human security, the prevention and control of infectious diseases, attention to non-communicable diseases, and revitalizing research and development.

This is focused on producing global public goods, enhancing infection prevention and control activities to prevent the emergence and spread of antimicrobial resistance; dealing with substandard and falsified drugs; considering conflict and disaster settings; addressing international migration; and building stronger health systems to improve access to safe and effective health services through universal health coverage.


Abt's Approach

To make a truly significant impact in reducing the risks to humanity and to human prosperity, Abt recognizes the need to catalyze the building and sustaining of stronger public health capabilities and infrastructure at the national, provincial, and local levels, even in failed and fragile states and relatively poor countries.

Our expertise is in effective community engagement managing large, complex programs and in the design and implementation of innovative and user-centric approaches to health systems and service delivery, environmental monitoring, epidemiological surveillance, and communication. Our projects reduce the burden of disease outbreaks and advance public policy.

We know this must be a top priority.
  • Social & Behavioral Change for prevention and preparedness
  • Community-based education
  • Workforce development
  • Rapid-cycle evaluation
  • Performance measurement
  • Surveillance & mapping
  • Multi-site research network
  • Platforms
  • Indoor residual spraying
  • Entomological monitoring
  • Resistance monitoring
  • Food web safety



Our Experts

Abt has a deep bench of experts who lead the work in global health security. Learn more about our people below or hear from our other experts who took part in the Bold Thinkers Series: Global Health Security Threats.

• Climate change and health
• Community engagement
• Crisis and emergency risk communications
• Entomology
• Environmental health
• Family planning
• Global health security
• Health systems strengthening
• Influenza & influenza panels
• Integrated data management 
• Malaria control
• Monitoring and evaluation
• Outbreak surveillance
• Private sector strengthening
• Program preparedness
• Rapid cycle learning
• Reproductive health
• Social behavior change communication
• Surveillance
• Zika research


Where We Work

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