Behavioral Health

Mental Health

An estimated 15 to 18 percent of Americans suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder. Despite the prevalence of these conditions, limited prevention and long delays in identification and treatment lead to avoidable illness, disability, and mortality. 
Abt Associates conducts policy analysis, training and technical assistance, and scientific research to address the mental health needs of children and adults quickly and effectively. We have particular expertise in conducting large-scale, longitudinal studies and program evaluations examining the funding, regulation, and administration of federal-state service systems. We have also worked with insurance providers, who are critical to understand to navigate and chart quality improvement and cost control strategies for mental health care.
In all our efforts, we are guided by a commitment to eliminating disparities in access to effective mental health services.
Because the mental health field is interdisciplinary, Abt draws on staff with experience in education, public health, community health revitalization, health economics, health communications, and information technology. We partner with federal and state agencies, national advocacy organizations, and leading healthcare organizations. We also build consensus among diverse stakeholder groups.
Hallmarks of our work include:
  • Promoting science-driven practices to support consumer- and family-driven and culturally competent services;
  • Documenting gaps and designing solutions for integrated mental health services in school-based and primary care settings; and
  • Evaluating emerging and evidence-based prevention and treatment models to account for results and guide broad-scale program implementation.