Health Policy

Aging, Disability & Long-Term Care

Since its founding in 1965, Abt has been involved in research, program evaluation, policy studies, and technical assistance related to the needs of older persons and persons with disabilities. Our work covers a broad range of health topics—both across-disability and across-the-life-span. 

Abt understands the many clinical and social issues related to long-term care, chronic illnesses, disabilities, frailty, and other conditions affecting daily life. Our staff includes clinicians, health economists, and data analysts who combine expertise in clinical issues with an unequalled knowledge of Medicare and Medicaid data. 

Moreover, as the U.S. population ages, providing high-quality, cost-effective long-term services and supports are a growing concern for policymakers. To meet this challenge, Abt applies its wide-ranging research and analysis capabilities to evaluate and enhance the quality of long-term care. We also analyze how payment policies affect access to and the quality of these services.