Health Policy

Service Delivery & Outcomes

Healthcare programs are complex systems. Their interconnected pieces add up to a continuum of care for achieving wellness or for treating illness. The outcomes of that care continuum affect both quality of life and experience of care in patient outcomes. 

At Abt, we know how clinical medicine works and how regulatory and insurance changes can create both intended and unintended consequences in patient care, patient safety, and outcomes. We work with our clients to analyze the root causes of changes in patient outcomes. Then we address them with innovative strategies, program redesign, and policy changes.

Our projects for federal government clients have included designing, implementing and evaluating healthcare delivery and patient or consumer outcomes related to service delivery. These include:
  • an evaluation of the national Aging & Disability Resource Centers;
  • studies identifying the relationship of nurse staffing to care outcomes in nursing homes; and
  • a study that examines whether modifying the process of care at the bedside can prevent pressure sores in the elderly.