Public Health & Epidemiology

Community Prevention

Many communities face a variety of health and related issues that prevent individuals and populations from obtaining optimal health status. They struggle with health insurance, access to care, high levels of individuals with HIV/AIDS, obesity, or other chronic conditions, and disparities in health status and income. All these issues relate to overall community wellness—where public health intersects with safety, education, employment, and social and economic factors.

Abt Associates helps communities respond to policy crises and establish a foundation for long-term solutions. Investments in community solutions are necessary for improving the health of populations. We provide research, evaluation, strategic planning, and program implementation to help communities identify and implement their vision for change.
Because communities and their challenges are complex, we adapt our capabilities to the diverse needs of the many stakeholders and decision makers responsible for addressing public health, including residents, community groups, local health centers and institutions, and policymakers.