Public Health & Epidemiology

Health Disparities/Health Equity

Health care quality, access, and outcomes have improved in many areas, but high levels of health disparities persist. These disparities exist for different racial and ethnic groups, individuals with disabilities and chronic conditions, and individuals of different genders and sexual preferences. 

Abt Associates addresses health disparities at all levels of systems – federal, state, and local – and all topics across the lifespan. We also help health organizations and individual practitioners provide services that are culturally relevant, appropriate, and responsive to underserved and vulnerable populations. 

Abt has been conducting research on healthcare and health policy issues for more than 45 years. We have significant experience in areas in which health disparities are common, including mental health, drug and alcohol addiction, maternal and child health, men’s and women’s health, cardiovascular disease, cancer, HIV/AIDS, immunization, and nutrition. 

Because culture plays a key role when providers engage their service population, Abt has taken a lead in providing cultural competency assessments and trainings for provider organizations that work with underserved communities. We also provide concrete solutions to improve the way providers approach and carry out their work. 

Our staff brings significant academic credentials and direct experience in healthcare. Many have worked as academics, doctors, nurses, community program directors, public health officials, clinical researchers, and policymakers. As a result, we are able to:
  • Manage projects that require distinctive implementation and management strategies;
  • Provide technical assistance focused on enhancing organizations’ capacity to engage underserved populations;
  • Provide tailored cultural competency workshops and training; and
  • Inform survey design and implementation to maximize data collection.
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