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World Malaria Day 2016: Research That Drives Results

Abt Associates research, from entomological monitoring and surveillance to examining the economic impact of malaria interventions, is a key part of our malaria prevention efforts. 

Report: The Impact of Climate Change on U.S. Health

A new report from the U.S. Global Change Research Program provides a comprehensive assessment of climate change’s potential health impacts in the United States. 
Abt’s climate change experts authored the report’s second chapter, Temperature-Related Death and Illness. 

Research Informs New CDC Opioid Prescription Guidelines

A rapid literature review by Abt Associates helped advance new guidelines designed to reduce prescription opioid overdoses, which cause of dozens of deaths each day in the U.S.

Working Across Nigeria to Improve Health, Governance, and Food Security

In the last decade, Abt Associates has worked across much of Nigeria under ever-changing circumstances and sometimes difficult environments. Our efforts have addressed family planning, maternal and child health, malaria, drug and vaccine access, agriculture and trade, HIV and TB, and more. 

Mobilizing Against Zika

Abt Associates is capable of delivering multi-prong solutions to address the Zika virus public health emergency. Abt, for example, has built the capacity of health care workers around the world to address the challenges of pandemic diseases.

Abt Perspectives Blog

Local Governments Lead the Way on Affordable Housing, Minimum Wage Reform thumbnail

Local Governments Lead the Way on Affordable Housing, Minimum Wage Reform

Across a range of social policy issues, cities and counties are becoming more active in developing local policy responses tailored to the needs of their residents. Building on an analogy to local policymaking on the minimum wage, my latest column foc...

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Upcoming Conferences

  • Abt SRBI at AAPOR 2016
    May 12 - May 15, 2016

    Abt SRBI is a proud Platinum Sponsor of the AAPOR Annual Conference. The company's survey experts will present eighteen papers, posters, invited panels and a short course at this conference.
    Learn more about this event.
  • Women Deliver 2016 Global Conference
    May 16 - May 19, 2016

    Abt experts will present on concurrent sessions and host an interactive side event that examines some of the important decision points throughout a woman’s life cycles.
    Learn more about this event.

Questions We're Addressing

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Can Financial Incentives Lead to Healthier Food Purchases?

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What Lessons Were Learned from HUD’s Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-housing Program?

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How Can USAID Help Eastern Caribbean Countries Prepare to Lead Their Own HIV Programs?

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How Can We Prepare for Future Sea Level Rise?

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