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Racing Against Time: The CDC's Campaign to Prevent Zika Transmission

An Abt Associates team created and carried out a multi-faceted awareness campaign in the U.S. to help contain Zika, the first mosquito-transmitted disease to cause devastating birth defects.


Improving Tanzania's Health System, Governance, and Nutrition

Abt-led projects have strengthened health financing, service delivery methods, and other parts of the health system while also advancing improvements in food security and agriculture.

Putting Safer Opioid Prescription Guidelines Into Practice

Although opioid pain medications have successfully helped many patients, they also have led to misuse and abuse, overdose, and death. Abt Associates is helping to develop measures and tools to support the implementation of safer opioid prescribing practices.  

Helping Citizens and Journalists in Mexico Use Data to Fight Corruption

An Abt-managed program in Mexico is harnessing the power of data and public records to give citizens and journalists the tools they need to advocate for more open, less corrupt government.

Evaluation: Hospital Health Care Innovation Program More Effective Than Others

The Emory Rapid Development and Deployment of Non-Physician Providers in Critical Care program, one of 10 hospital-based innovation programs evaluated by Abt Associates, was designed to address a shortage of critical care physicians while expanding access to critical care services. 

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Why a Research Strategy Matters in Preventing and Responding to Pandemics thumbnail

Why a Research Strategy Matters in Preventing and Responding to Pandemics

The World Health Organization's Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Framework seems to have all of the right elements: It calls for sharing influenza viruses, surveillance, stockpiles of medicines and vaccines, and more. Yet it rests on shaky footing.

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    Abt Associates' data science expert will share insights at the 2017 Blockchain Conference, part of Fintech Week New York.
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    Sep 7 - Sep 8, 2017

    Abt staff will present at MERL Tech DC 2017, an event that brings together experts from the monitoring, evaluation, research, and learning tech sector.
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